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Beyond is a travel specialist that creates incredible travel experiences.


We favour the creative, the bold, the ingenious, the soulful. We fall in love with the wild places, the green projects and the people that champion them. We do more then book you a holiday, we create you an experience that you will never forget: precious one off moments that make the most of life and the people you share it with.


We call our experiences ‘Bohemian Luxury Adventures’: some are more indulgent, some more epic, all are world class; falling into 11 uniquely defined Collections of which we are super proud. The unique and defining element is bohemia, which weaves itself through all we do using a fusion of authentic, rustic, playful and alternative outposts, conscious travel ethics and damn fine service.


Crafted for individuals, artisans, lovers, leaders, adventurers, and families… Perfect for celebrations. View Experiences


Newly launched in May 2015 after 2 years of scouring this beautiful earth to find its hidden tales, bohemian outposts and most breathtaking experiences.


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Our clients are savvy, free-spirited individuals who value the work of experts in the know. We wipe away the blank facade of  "Luxury Travel” and inject a wild-heart and naughty indulgence into all our unearthed adventures.

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The Beyond Travel Company Review



Beyond is all about rough-luxe: a favouring of a place's history - its story - abodes that are worn and tarnished over the strict, manufactured and perfect. This theme weaves itself through all our collections, fusing with our love of everything playful and creative. From this we seek to inspire and educate clients on the experiences that nurture not only themselves, but the environments they explore, steering well clear of flashy characterless chains, mass-market trails and environmentally
damaging experiences.


We believe in the power of adventure. That travel profoundly heals, rejoices in, moulds, revives and relaxes our bodies and minds. Whether you scale the Himalayas or simply wander into a bazaar, it's the journey that captures the heart.


All our trips raise funds to aid the development of conscious tourism.

“We are either going to break down as a civilization or breakthrough” Anna Pollock.


The conscious travel movement is a new perspective on ethical travel, to shift the balance of profits for a more equal distribution between the travel industry corporations and the communities that actively accept each travellers footprint.


The movement asks for the public to awaken themselves to the new age we are living in, one that is not sustainable.

It asks for us all to connect, share and collaborate to acquire the passion, the tools and the understanding to move forwards on a new path and flourish as a
world community.


The tourism industry is one of the largest on the planet. As a Beyond client you will actively be aiding the development of a better tourist industry that we, with many others, passionately believe has the power to create a better brighter global future. Not only will we be doing our part by working with suppliers who have the same ethical motivation, we will be putting our profits into these causes and facilitating discussions, collaborations and projects. We have a determination and belief in this mission and have many stories to share.


For more information on what we are doing and the conscious tourism and travel movement please sign up and connect with us on social media and learn more through the following links:

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We are more then just your ‘plain Jane’ travel emporium…


In 2017, we are launching 'The Beyond Clubhouse', an exclusive members only society of bohemians, artists, entrepreneurs, leaders, innovators and philanthropists who wish to discover the world through incredible experiences and gain exclusive access to once-in-a-lifetime events.


Through the clubhouse, not only do you become part of the Beyond family, you receive our exceptional travel service concierge, luxury cutting-edge travel gifts and treats, exclusive invitations to our curated events and VIP passes to the world’s most secret corners, back stages and private parties.


The Clubhouse’s mission is to bring together explorers of all styles and from all corners as a leading voice in conscious tourism, paving the way for better travel. Sign Up!

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